Sekinat Omotosho’s ‘Sekies Trend’

In today’s Nigeria, when it comes to fashion and the fashion industry, the question is no longer if it’s a career worth chasing, it’s how much worth of investments in millions of dollars we will be reporting in the next couple of years.


From Mia Atafo, Ejiro Emos Tafari, Jane Michael Ekanem to Gang Styling by Uduak, fashion designers and stylists are cashing in. They are one of the puppet masters pulling the strings of pop culture narratives. With the increase in the numbers of those chasing that unique red carpet compliment moment at various gatherings, new generation fashion designers like Sekies Trend are catering to their needs.

My full name is Sekinat Omotosho Eunice. In the past two to three years, Sekies Trend carved out several gorgeous looking pop-culture driven ready to wear outfits. Outside our everyday consumers, our clients cut across the entertainment and broadcasting industry. With every dress made by us, the sense of comfort, uniqueness, and trendiness are the underlying factors behind all our every stitches” – Sekinat


Instagram – @sekiiestren