Domestic Violence: 340 husbands beaten by their wives in one year – Lagos govt

The Lagos State Government has reported that at least 340 husbands have been beaten by their wives in the last year.

Executive Secretary of Lagos Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA), Mrs. Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, disclosed this in quarterly reports of the agency.

She said the incidence of reporting of domestic violence from males also increased during the last year.


Vivour-Adeniyi disclosed that 340 male reported incidences of domestic violence perpetrated against them by their wives between September 2022 and July 2023.


She expressed worries over the trend, saying the agency “is currently handling the cases to find an amicable resolution.


commences monitoring of safeguarding, child protection implementation


Meanwhile, the Lagos State Government, through the Joint Task Force on Implementation of the Executive Order on Safeguarding and Child Protection has commenced monitoring and assessment across the Six Education Districts in the State.


The members of the Joint Task Force comprise top-level representatives of the: Office of Education Quality Assurance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Lagos State Safety Commission, State Universal Basic Education Board, Child Protection Network and Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency.


According to Vivour-Adeniyi, the monitoring exercise which began on October 31, 2023, at the Lagos City College, Sabo-Yaba had so far engaged over 200 schools in Education Districts 4 and 5, while over 90 schools have been visited to ascertain and measure compliance in those districts.

“On-the-spot assessments were conducted at the schools to confirm the practical implementation of the policy and identify strengths and areas for improvement,” she stated.

“The ultimate aim of the monitoring exercise is to ascertain the level of adoption and implementation of the Executive Order across all Six Education Districts in Lagos State,” Vivour-Adeniyi.


While speaking at the engagement, a representative of the Office of Education Quality Assurance, Mr Kamaldeen Akodu, elaborated on the need for schools to put precautionary measures in place to ensure a safe learning environment.


Similarly, a representative of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Mr. Jubril Yakub informed school Administrators of the essence of the exercise, highlighting the fact that it is not punitive but rather corrective.


Yakub further explained the reporting procedures to be adopted in schools.