Pariolodo receive a new car after he shout out for help

In a remarkable display of compassion and generosity, Pastor Agbala Gabriel has not only raised funds but also fulfilled a lifelong dream for veteran actor Pariolodo.

Previously, it was reported that Pastor Agbala Gabriel had successfully raised an astounding sum of 6 million Naira to support Pariolodo. However, the clergyman has taken his efforts a step further by purchasing a brand new Toyota Camry worth 5 million Naira for the actor. This act of kindness exemplifies Pastor Gabriel’s unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in Pariolodo’s life.


The heartwarming news was shared by Pastor Gabriel on his Facebook page, where he announced the acquisition of the Toyota Camry 2014 model for Pariolodo. The exact price of the car was not disclosed, but the pastor expressed his congratulations to the actor.


This development has left Pariolodo deeply moved, as tears of joy and gratitude filled his eyes. As a highly esteemed and beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Pariolodo recently faced challenging circumstances. However, the power of unity and the kindness shown by individuals on social media have come together to uplift him during this difficult period.


Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s visit to Pariolodo’s residence in the Ikorodu area of Lagos initiated a powerful fundraising campaign that quickly gained momentum. News of the campaign spread throughout the industry and among fans, resulting in generous donations from various sources. In just one day, a staggering sum of 5.1 million Naira was raised for Pariolodo’s support.

With the addition of Pastor Gabriel’s contribution, the total amount donated to the veteran actor now stands at 6 million Naira. This extraordinary act of philanthropy serves as a testament to the compassion and generosity within the community.


The story of Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s efforts and the outpouring of support for Pariolodo serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact that collective goodwill and kindness can have on an individual’s life.