Student alleged LASPOTECH over withheld result.

Hon. Omolola Akinlade celebrated the completion of her Higher National Diploma course at the Lagos State Polytechnic, Surulere Campus, Lagos State, in 2019, little did she know that her result would be withheld for four years.


Akinlade said she studied Business Administration and was among the 2016 to 2019 set of the institution.

She alleged that despite passing all her courses, the school refused to release her results.


“I did part-time for my HND in LASPOTECH Surulere and finished in 2019. When I wanted to get my results after completing my studies, I was told I had some carryovers. I told them that I passed the courses and didn’t have a carryover,” the student said.


She stated that the courses she was told she had carryovers in were HND 2 1st Semester, Public Finance, (Acc 316); Managerial Economics 1 (BAM 412); Entrepreneurship Development (EED 413); and Business Communication (OTM 312).


She, however, insisted that she passed the courses.


Akinlade explained that her parents were worried when she could not get the results, so she kept going back for two years to make enquiries.

HND 2 1st Semester, Public But, the aggrieved student said she was only assured that something would be done about the situation.


She added, “I went to the Isolo and Surulere campuses, but they were telling me stories. They checked their systems and saw that I didn’t have any carryover and then they began to say, ‘Ehn, we would find out, we know what to do about it.’ My mum also went to the school in 2022 and she was told that something would be done about it.”

After showing the school authorities her examination dockets and results for the courses in contention, nothing was reportedly done.


“I need my results; they are delaying me because I have been on this since 2019 till now. I passed my results and they showed my parents the results when they went and they also stated that I did not have any carryover. For good three years, they keep saying have been working on it,” she added.


When City Round reached out to the Director of the School of Advanced Studies, LASPOTECH, Mr Mustapha Okunnu, on Tuesday, he said the results had been released.


He said, “She had missing grades in her repeat courses, which have been sorted out. The results are ready but awaiting the academic board’s approval. The academic board sits monthly. Her results will be listed at the next ACB for approval.”


The director further updated our correspondent that the school had an emergency ACB meeting on Wednesday and the case was presented.