We were sexually harassed, paid to urinate — Nigerian students recount ordeal :Sudan Returnees

Returnee Nigerian students who were airlifted back to Nigeria from Egypt, have recounted their ordeal, alleging that some females were sexually harassed and were so broke to the extent of picking things from shops and ran away.

A returnee female student told journalists on arrival at the International Airport Abuja that they faced humiliation and slept in the open.

“We spent all the money we had. We were so hungry and thirsty. They were harassing us sexually. There was no food, no water to drink. It got to a point we picked things from shops and ran away,” the returnee female student spoke of her excruciating experience while at the border.

Another female student told the BBC Hausa Service in an interview, that their legs were swollen due to long hours of stay in the buses.

Speaking on his experience, a male student said the situation was so bad that they even had to pay money before they were allowed to urinate, and hoped the war would soon end to enable him go back to Sudan and complete just a semester to round up his programme.